Lefty is also visual artist. The paintings on the merchandise are paintings she painted herself. Get your canvas, t-shirt, and more today!

Wear a T-shirt with Purpose!

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When Lefty was younger she use to sketch a lot using only pencil. She painted too. However , her art teacher made it a point to let her know that she was not good, and she lacked technical skill. After that Lefty put up the paint brush for awhile thinking she was not good enough . Then she looked around as she grew older and saw how many times we as people give up on things because we don't believe we are good enough through some else's eyes. Years later she picked back up the paint brush and started painting in color again. She decided she was no longer going to worry about technicality. She decided to make art from the heart, and no matter how it turns out, she was going to love it regardless. Technical skills are important but not as important as expressing what is inside you regardless of imperfection or competition. She realized the only limits are the ones we put on ourselves . So she painted again and put the design on a shirt. She named the tshirt company Imagine Without Limits (a prior video company she started that did not work out). The idea of the design is to encourage people to never give up on their dream and never give up on yourself. To always imagine and dream in color. Don't forget your talents and abilities are God given, but competition and the idea of perfection is man made. 

Her favorite quote.....

"Remember why you started"..

Tshirts will be available on tour!

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